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El Jefe, you say?

HemMIXem resident Jef Berben (°1971) grew up in the woods of Brasschaat. His favourite pastime is digging into the Earth, always hunting for new and interesting sensorial flavor combinations. Fascinated by flavor, herbs and plants, his college nickname ‘El Jefe’ stuck with him through the years. 

Proudly looking back on an extensive hospitality career El Jefe started out weekend jobs at Michelin-Star Restaurant Het Villasdal, studying Hotelmanagement, working at the Hilton Paris among other high-end venues.

His bartending roots stem from his cruising years as a bartender for the Cunard Company, stirring and shaking Manhattans and Grasshoppers for the happy few onboard the MS Vistafjord, travelling and discovering the world extensively throughout the nineties for a decade.  

Today he belongs to the absolute pinnacle of Belgian bartending and his mobile concept ‘El Jefes Cocktails’ brings you tailormade cocktailcatering. Contemporary and up to date, yet never compromising his ‘Old School’ principles. As a herborist he grows his own edible flowers and herbs, brews his own syrups and tictures and specializes  in events, pop-up bars, workshops and high-end samplings and demonstrations. If you are looking for quality, originality, knowledge and entertainment you have come to the right place.

Be it at garden parties, staff parties, movie launches, open houses, private parties, fashion events, even children’s parties, Jef’s natural charm and old-school hospitality is always welcomed. He also humbly appreciates the ever satisfied feedback from his guests and clients after the events.

Life is too short not to choose for the best. With El Jefes Cocktails you can choose for a rare original quality. Raise your event to the next level by booking the right DJ, the yummiest food, the most charming location, the sharpest photographic eye and El Jefes Cocktails.